Swaasthya Story

Sri M – Founder President The Satsang Foundation

Sri Mumtaz Ali popularly known as Sri M, is a Spiritual Master, social activist, educationist and a reformer developing the inter-religious harmony. Beyond the pale of religion and dogma exists a rarefied realm of wisdom compassion and above all humaneness. Born in Tiruvananthapuram, he had the tutelage under his Guru Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji at Himalayas. Over many years of dedication, discipline and diligence he became a spiritual master himself authored many books comprising the chronicles of his fascinating journey. He undertook a Padayathra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir covering 7500kms across 11 Indian states over 16 months.

Sri M also travels worldwide and holds dialogues with people from all communities and persuasions on the spiritual quest for the multi-dimensional essence of life. In recognition of such marvelous contributions, Sri M has been awarded “Padma Bhushan”  –  highest civilian awards of India, for distinguished service of high order in spirituality by the Government of India in the year 2020.

The Satsang Foundation is an international organization established by Sri M as a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Foundation actively conceptualizes, organizes and executes activities and initiatives that bring reformation and change in human minds for a better, more inclusive and truly united world.

New Health Mission of Sri M :

In an exemplary gesture of humanism Sri M started a Swaasthya Kendra a free clinic that serves the rural and tribal village people is now transforming into a state of the art healthcare facility as “Swaasthya Hospital” at Madanapalli. A multispecialty hospital that would provide quality healthcare, affordable to the poor, needy and deprived.

Swaasthya‘ – in Sanskrit means ‘Complete Health’. True to its meaning Sri M is envisaging establishing a holistic center that provides complete and comprehensive health as well as wellness. This includes many specialties and support systems to create such a unique healthcare.

An Appeal

To accomplish the mission and the vision a lot of support and co-operation is needed to establish and run any high-quality healthcare system requires steady funding. While the development has commenced The Satsang Foundation providing funds drawn from generous organizational and individual donors, substantial further financial and material support is needed for the scale that is planned and to keep the technology and operations up-to-date.

We request everyone to be a part of this life saving mission by contributing generously in any capacity.

The contributions can be in the form of donations for which acknowledgement, recognition as well as tax exemption will be provided. Contributions can be in cash or kind, including materials, equipment, sponsorships and being a volunteer in this endeavour.